Rock Out 2 portable speaker announced!

We posted earlier about the Rockout Speakers and showed that they were great quality! We are excited to try out the next gen with a lot of great new features! Take a look!

Two New Pro-Gun Bills Coming To Arizona Law

This year Arizona will have a few new laws come into effect. The two new bills are going to help protect law-abiding citizens and their guns.

HB 2326 that passed will prevent any political party from giving names of gun owners to anyone. New York City for example gave this information to news agencies who posted a map of where all the gun owners lived. Outrageous, I know, but it happened and people got hurt.

The other bill, HB 2455, requires law enforcement to sell confiscated firearms to Federal Firearms Licensure (FFL). In this case, if a cop confiscates guns from a criminal, instead of destroying the firearms, they sell them to gun dealers to then sell them to the law-abiding public. This would also generate more money for law enforcement agencies and allow law-abiding citizens to have the gun if they pay for it.

While these laws are great, I think that they should not be necessary under the constitution, meaning, the constitution allows us to carry whatever we want, whenever we want. If the government has it, why doesn't the average law-abiding citizen have it? Isn't that part of what the founding fathers wanted? The Second Amendment is to keep the government in check, why else would a big government want to get rid of it?

Outdoor Equipment Review: Rockout Speakers by Goal Zero

Goal Zero has a lot of different solutions for the outdoors. The Rockout Speakers are a great choice in my opinion, and have great sound quality. Take a look at my video below for the full review. 

Heavy Hail

Amazing storm last week!

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